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Computer forensics

Reportedly, more than 85 percent of all crimes and violations leave a digital signature nowadays.
"CSI/FBI research"

Today, more than 90 percent of data is created in electronic form.
"Research by the newspaper Business Week"

The company Sismentor, računalniška forenzika d.o.o. (Sysmentor, computer forensics d.o.o.), can help an organization extract computer evidence and ensure their preservation and presentation (computer forensics), while trying their best not to let their presence and work interfere with the business processes of the subscriber. By using the appropriate hardware and software, the computer forensics expert ensures that the evidence remains unchanged and usable in the potential future proceedings. The headquarters of the company Sismentor d.o.o. are located in Ljubljana, however, the company provides its services and products throughout Slovenia and abroad.

Because we are dealing with a novelty on the Slovene market, we have made a list of some of the services that we provide below;

• E-mail forensics
• Database forensics
• Acquiring data
• Forensic analysis
• Expert testimonials
• Correlation and connection analysis
• Comprehensive Database forensics
• forensic investigations
• Evidence processing
• Making reports
Next, we will introduce in detail the field of computer forensics and the work of a computer forensics expert.

Computer forensics is the combination of technology and art. With the help of data, which a computer forensics expert analyses in his work (active data, file bits, system log files, registry files data) one can “turn back time” and find out why the system was used yesterday, last week, month or even last year. In his work, a computer forensics expert must follow strict rules in order to avoid changing the evidence and at the same time keep records of handling digital media.

Computer forensics experts use proven techniques and only the best tools and can thus forensically acquire and analyse different types of system data: from e-mail (even deleted one) and deleted files to system logs and other information which could be relevant for the investigation.

The preservation of digital evidence is our primary goal. We do our best to make the results of our analyses and investigations featured in our reports understandable to everyone: to the subscriber, as well as other parties involved and, of course, laymen as well.

If you need any additional information do not hesitate to call us or simply send us an e-mail to: info@sysmentor.com.


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