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About the company

Sismentor, računalniška forenzika d.o.o. (Sysmentor, computer forensics) is a company which is involved with comprehensive services from the field of data handling. We are very much aware that nowadays it is information that has the biggest value, which is why appropriate handling is key to our success both in business and private life. For this very reason, the guidance for our business is top security and expertise, while our primary purpose is to ensure our customers comprehensive and professional data handling of highest quality.

We are the pioneers of computer forensics in Slovenia. We are aware that we have been given an important task of informing the private and professional public about its advantages. We are also aware that computer forensics is a field which requires legal basis and that is why we wish to help establish the technical and legal standards for forensic investigations of digital data carriers in Slovenia as well. 
The headquarters of the company Sismentor d.o.o. are located in Ljubljana, however, the company provides its services and products throughout Slovenia and abroad.

Our vision
We wish to become the leading company in the field of comprehensive data handling in Slovenia. Being the pioneers of computer forensics in Slovenia, we wish to help establish the technical and legal standards for forensic investigations of digital data carriers.  

Our mission
Our mission is to set the highest standards for data handling in Slovenia. We will realise that through high-quality work, cooperating with foreign experts and by professional training of everyone who has only started to embark in the world of computer forensics.

We wish to become the player who is involved in all the processes of data handling, both those of private nature and those in that are of public interest.


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